Oriental Rituals


Marina d’Or offers up to 192 different beauty treatments.

Anma, shiatsu, Tui na, Thai, Zhu Bianzi, Korean relaxation, Thai foot reflexology. The best, the most exclusive and the most efficient oriental techniques from Japan, China, Korea and Thailand within your reach, bringing a perfect sensation of relaxation and wellbeing

Japanese Anma Massage

his therapy employs a time-tested combination of finger pressures, percussions and stretches along the meridians, stimulating blood circulation and the nervous system. The massage is carried out on an ergonomic chair.

25 minutes 50€

Chinese Tui na Massage

A technique that dates back more than 2500 years, preventive and therapeutic. The whole massage is based on the effects of pushing and pulling in all their variants, applied over the main body mass, also affecting (using deeper and more vigorous manoeuvres) the ligament level. Pressure stimulation (either static or dynamic) is also used on points and meridians used in traditional Chinese medicine. Carried out on a massage table.

50 minutes 88€

Korean Relaxation Massage

It creates a state of total relaxation and is given at a pleasant temperature and calming environment as per Feng Shui. A systematic and gentle mobilization of all the bodies joints with a rhythm that induces a state of total relaxation creating an adequate postural-sensory perception

50 minutos 80€

Japanese Shiatsu massage

Excellent preventive and therapeutic qualities. The hands are used to apply pressure on the very same points and energy meridians that are used in acupuncture, acting on the body's vital energy flows and improving health. Carried out on traditional futons and tatami. Comfortable oriental clothing will be provided.

50 minutes 88€

Thai Massage

using a combination of light rhythmic rocking movements, pressures and stretches that, when applied together, lead to a unique therapeutic experience. Perfect for relaxing and relieving muscle tension, for improved flexibility and for increasing the flow of blood back to the heart... It also a preventive massage against muscle and joint injuries.

50 minutes 88€

Thai Foot Reflexology

This massage technique has its origins in Chinese massage and dates back approximately 3,000 years. Used to prevent and treat problems such as tension, stress and anxiety using age old techniques. Starting with a foot wash in a footbath, on a chair with an automatic relaxation programme..

50 minutes 86€

Zhu Bianzi

Relatively unknown, its origins are to found in the knowledge of the workings of the human body held by the ancient martial arts. It combines the invigorating properties of Jasmine tea, in a Hydromassage seawater bath, and a percussion massage applied with an elastic bamboo instrument. Treatment is finished off with a manual massage with an essential oil that calms the skin. It improves muscular tone and enhances the immune system. Invigorating and toning. Carried out in a hydro massage bath and a massage table.

90 minutes 126€
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