Relax and Spa treatments


Marina d’Or offers up to 192 different beauty treatments

Mesotherapy, fillers (hyaluronic acid), lips, wrinkles (Botox), vitamins, mesoplasty, laser, weight loss, scrubs, body implants with ac. hyaluronic. Nose, eyelids, lifting, breasts, abdomen and liposuction / liposculpture. Medicine and cosmetic surgery proposed rejuvenation of our skin and appearance, from less to more invasive techniques, depending on the desired degree of correction and indication

Relaxation programme 1 day

The 2 to 6 day programmes include a medical consultation at the start of the programme. include a circuit in the seawater spa (3 hours daily).

  • Alleviates muscle fatigue and relaxes mind and body alike
  • Seawater bath with herbal essences, relaxing and aromatherapy body massage
  • head and face massage.
105 minutes 135€

Wellbeing programme 1 day

Total relaxation easing day to day stress and tension

  • Hydro massage herbal essence bath
  • Localized mud therapy
  • Head and face massage
75 minutes 90€

Rest cure 2 days

Relaxation and wellbeing

  • Medical advisory session
  • 2 baths (hydro massage and natural essence)
  • 3 massages (back, head and face, and full body anti-stress)
  • 1 slime wrap
2 days 290€

Relaxation programme 3 days

Treats muscles strains, tension and generally relaxes state of mind.

  • Medical advisory session
  • 2 hydro massage baths
  • 1 slime wrap
  • 1 hydrojet
  • 1 Vichy shower with massage
  • 2 massages (head and face and full body anti-stress)
3 days334€

Oriental route 3 days

Emotional, spiritual and physical balance and wellbeing

  • Medical advisory session
  • Hydro massage herbal essence bath
  • Japanese shiatsu massage
  • Zhú Bianzí
  • Korean relaxation
  • Thai foot reflexology
  • Thai massage
    3 days360€

    Anti-stress programme 6 days

    Reduces stress, anxiety and insomnia.

    • Medical advisory session
    • 1 Facial cleansing
    • 2 Hydrojet sessions and 2 baths
    • 6 Massages
    • 1 Fangotherapy
    • 1 Kneipp water jet
    • 1 Slime wrap
    • 1 Instant luminosity treatment
    • Medical advisory session end program
    6 days 675€
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