Relaxation treatments combined with beauty and aesthetics


Marina d’Or offers up to 192 different beauty treatments

The 2 to 6 day programmes include a medical consultation at the start of the programme. The slimming and firming programme includes a basic analysis and a medical consultation at the end of the programme. The beauty programme and the slimming and firming programme both include circuits in the seawater spa (3 hours daily).

Oxygenating programme 1 day

Oxygenating programme 1 day include:

  • Complete, deep cleansing, oxygenation and moisturizing of the skin both on the face and the body
  • Facial cleansing with an oxygenating treatment
  • body moisturizing
135 minutes 133€

Anti cellulite programme 1 day

Anti cellulite programme 1 day include:

  • The beneficial drainage effects of seaweed lead to improvements in water retention and cellulite
  • Seaweed bath, pressotherapy, seaweed wrap
75 minutes 120€

Beauty programme 2 days

Hydrates the body, relaxes the mind and improves the cutis
Beauty programme include

  • Medical advisory session
  • 1 body moisturizing
  • 1 facial cleansing
  • 1 herbal essence bath
  • 1 anti-stress body massage
  • 1 instant luminosity treatment
2 days 299€

Slimming and firming programme 6 days

Disminución de volumen, flacidez, celulitis. Recuperación de la silueta
Slimming and firming programme include

  • Medical advisory session
  • Control perimeters
  • 3 Anticelulitico local (ETS)
  • 6 vibrating toning sessions
  • 2 seaweed baths
  • 3 thermotherapies
  • 1 seaweed wrap
  • 2 reducing Kneipp sessions
  • 2 tensor strength legs / abdomen,
  • Courtesy medical visit
6 days 635€

All programs, except * Eastern Route, include 3 hours daily spa. Unlimited access for H 5 *.

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