Water and health


Marina d'Or offers you up to 192 different treatments of health and beauty

Using seawater baths, showers, jets, aerosols and hydrothermal treatments in combination with aromatherapy, we are able to improve our state of health, achieving a state of relaxation and wellbeing. Relax muscles and joints in the seawater hydro massage bath, the Kneipp Jets and the Vichy Shower, treat cellulite and varicose veins in the seaweed bath and the seawater air-bubble bath, and feel the relaxing effects of floating on the hydro jet.

Hydromassage Relaxing Seawater bath

Seawater bath with jets of pressurized water cyclical from the feet up to the spine. Relaxing, decontracting massage

20 minutes 30€

Herbal Essence bath

An aromatherapy seawater bath with essential natural citrus oils. Effects include relaxation and wellbeing.

20 minutes 38€

Seaweed bath

Seawater bath with seaweeds that nourish and regenerate tissues. They eliminate fat and toxins thanks to their draining properties

20 minutes 38€

Seawater Bubble bath

Seawater bath with a micro-massage action thanks to the action of air bubbles on the skin. Sedative effect and circulation enhance

20 minutes 30€

Medical Hydrojet

A mechanical massage reducing tension in the back, buttocks and legs thanks to the action of high pressure jets which are applied without the body coming into direct contact with the water. The relaxing effect comes from a combination of heat-therapy and a sensation of weightlessness

20 minutes 33€

Treatment Aerosol Therapy

Application of micronized sea water either in droplets or vapour, favouring respiration and stimulating the organism′s natural defence system

20 minutes 26€

Treatment Seawater Kneipp Jet

Manual application of a jet of pressurized sea water, from the feet up over the whole body. The temperature and pressure are adapted to each individual to achieve effects of toning and decontracting, draining or stimulation of the circulation.

20 minutes 31€

Treatment Vichy Shower With a body massage

An affusion seawater shower applied from 5 shower heads, falls over the whole body resting on a bed. Stimulates blood flow and has a sedative effect on the nervous system. A manual massage with a moisturizing balsamic lotion, a citrus aromatherapy and a generally relaxing effect, under the seawater shower.

30 minutes 69€

Treatment Vichy Shower With a body peeling

An affusion seawater shower applied from 5 shower heads, falls over the whole body resting on a bed. Stimulates blood flow and has a sedative effect on the nervous system. A foamy body gommage with seaweed, under the seawater shower. Effect: Renewed, soft and uniform skin.

30 minutes 69€

Bath with underwater shower

Carried out in a bathtub, with seawater and massaged by underwater pressure jets that alleviate strained muscles. Beneficial for the treatment of cellulite and sports training

20 minutes 46€

Treatament Cleopatra bath

A seawater bath with an underwater jet massage where the properties of seawater and moisturizing milk are combined. Its effects include moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating the skin while relaxing.

25 minutes 50€
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