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Subject to the previsions contained in Royal Decree 19/1997 of the 11th of February of the Valencian Government approving the regime applicable to prices and bookings in tourist accommodation 97/X5779. The contract, which must be fulfilled by both parties according to the terms established within the same, is constituted by the clauses contained in the General Conditions published in this brochure, which complement and develop the applicable legislation without contravening it. The purchase or use of any of the services published in this brochure imply the express acceptance by the consumer of each and every one of the General Conditions, which are considered automatically incorporated into the contract without the need for their literal transcription into said contract.


When making the reservation, 15% of the total amount must be deposited, and no places are considered confirmed until said deposit has been made. The remaining amount must be paid before the use of the services booked by the customer, or the reservation will be considered cancelled, and in said case the conditions specified in the cancellation section will be applied. Any refunds that may be applicable for any reason whatsoever will be repaid through the office or the travel agency where the booking was made, and no amount will be refunded for services that the customer has not used of his/ her own volition.


See the brochure and the specific services that are included in the prices. In any case, the only valid interpretation of the services included will be that given by Marina d’Or. The consumer, if they have any doubts, should consult with said company before beginning the trip in order to avoid claims at a later date. As a general rule, a strict criteria of literality should be followed, by which it is understood that whatever is not specifically detailed as included in the price of the contracted service does not form a part of said service.


Extras in the hotel (coffee, wines, liqueurs and water) outside the contracted meal option, special dietary regimes, washing and ironing clothes, optional hotel services such as car parking, cots etc., And in general any service that is not expressly indicated in the specific section on contracted services.


Apartments: the customer is fully responsible for declaring the correct number of people who will be staying in the room or apartment (without omitting the children), whatsoever their age, at the time of booking. Management may legally refuse entry to those persons not so declared, with there being no grounds for any claim for said refusal. When making the booking please reconfirm the place and time for the handover of keys. Hotels: The quality and the services offered by the hotel are determined by the official category of the hotel and are subject to administrative control. Given that the applicable legislation only recognises single and double rooms (allowing a third bed or sofa-bed to be used in the double rooms), it is always understood that use of the third bed is done with the full knowledge of those persons occupying the room.


Entry time into the hotels and apartments is that specified in each particular case. If you expect to arrive later, we recommend you advise the hotel directly. If you don’t, the hotel may use the room/s and/or apartment/s.


Check special conditions for free or reduced rates for children. These free or reduced rates are always understood when sharing a room for two paying adults, maximum 2 children per room. Cots: If you need cots, please say so when making the booking as the hotels have a limited number available.


The User declares that he/she understands and accepts that only the full finalization of the Entry Ticket Purchase and confirmation procedure (hereinafter Purchase of Tickets) provided for on the web page, which finalizes with confirmation by the User in the “Confirmation” dialogue box, constitutes a full, formal and effective purchase of the Entry Tickets.
The User must follow the corresponding Entry Purchase Ticket procedure available on the web site, filling in the information required therein


Marina d'Or will communicate the successful purchase of the Entry Tickets to the User by sending an email to confirm said purchase. .


The entry tickets will be valid until the moment in which park capacity has been reached. If the user is unable to make use of the entry tickets to the park due to the park’s full capacity having been reached, Marina d'Or will return the amount of the Entry Tickets to the User


Credit card details will be requested to guarantee the reservation. 100% of the first day’s treatment will be charged if cancelled or modified less than 24 hours before the treatment is due to begin or where the customer does not turn up for the treatment. Prices include VAT. The free treatments for stays of 6 or more nights in Marina d’Or’s hotels and multiservice apartments are per adult (18+) and stay, and are personal and non-transferable, and must be chosen upon arrival. Otherwise the centre will assign one of the treatments based on availability. (The same applies to the treatments included in the Total Leisure pack and the “Ofertón”). The 20 treatments included in the promotions are: Marine aerosol; Therapeutic fangotherapy (knees, shoulders or elbows); Mud wellbeing back treatment; facial peeling; lifting facemask; moisturizing facemask; antioxidantrejuvenating facemask; anti-ageing face mask; Shiatsu facial; face massage; head massage; bust reaffirming massage; hand peeling; paraffin hand treatment; hand massage; foot peeling, foot massage; refreshing leg circulation treatment; leg pressotherapy (pneumatic massage). Treatments and appointment times, once fixed, may not be changed, except for medical reasons. Not showing up for the treatment implies loss of said treatment.


This brochure is valid for the period 01.01.2017 to 31.12.2017, and binds Marina d’Or during this period. Notwithstanding, any changes to the information included herein will be valid when communicated to the consumer prior to the celebration of the contract or where modifications have been agreed between the contracting parties.


At all times the user or consumer may cancel the services requested or contracted, to be entitled to a refund of the amounts paid in the amount specified, whether it is the total price as advance deposit, but must compensate Marina d'Or for the items listed below without the cancellation of the reservation did not occur by force majeure.
- 25% the total amount of contracted services if the cancellation it is performed within 48 hours prior to the start date of the stay contracted
- If the customer does not turn up on the date of the reservation (no show), he/she will be obliged to pay 100% of the amount of the contracted services, with the amounts paid in advance being deducted from said amount. (Estas cantidades podrían ser utilizadas en estancias posteriores en un periodo de hasta 2 años).
- If the customer leaves the hotel or apartment prematurely, before the agreed departure date, no amount whatsoever will be returned


If the booking is made through a travel agency, whether retail or wholesale, they, as intermediary, are responsible for the fulfilment of these GENERAL CONDITIONS


These conditions specifically applicable to the purchase of entry tickets (hereinafter referred to as the Specific Purchase Conditions) regulate the purchase of entry tickets by the user (hereinafter referred as the User) through the www.marinador.es
These conditions are complemented by the Conditions applicable to the General Use and Access for the website and the Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the General Conditions), which the user should consult by accessing the link that is on the home page of said website and which are understood to have been accepted upon acceptance of these Specific Purchase Conditions
MMarina d’Or may modify these conditions, from time to time, and without prior notice, by publishing said modifications in its website, so that they may be known by the Users before the purchase of entry tickets on-line.
It is the User’s responsibility to read these conditions in full each and every time they decide to purchase entry tickets through the www.marinador.es website. www.marinador.es.
The User who purchases Entry Tickets through our website undertakes to fulfil the rules of operation of the parks and attractions that he/she is going to use (Polynesia Water Park, Aventura d’Or etc...) as well as any other existing rules of a specific nature. Said rules are available to the User on the www.marinador.es website and at the entrances to each of Marina d'Or's parks and attractions, where the User can obtain a copy
Equally, the User undertakes not to use the website for illicit ends or effects, or ends contrary to those specified in these Specific Purchase Conditions and in the General Conditions. The User also undertakes not to use the web site in a way that is detrimental to the rights and interests of Marina d'Or or of third parties, or in any other manner that may damage, render unusable, overload or deteriorate the Web Site impeding its normal.
Marina d'Or does not guarantee availability or continuity of the Entry Ticket Purchase service regulated herein, and is released from any responsibility for any damage or harm of any kind that may arise from the lack of availability or continuity of said Entry Ticket Purchase service. Equally Marina d'Or does not guarantee the reliability of its Web Site or of access to its Entry Ticket Purchase service
The User declares that he/she is of legal age according to the law in his/her national jurisdiction and that he/she has the legal capacity required to bind him/herself to these Specific Purchase Conditions and the above mentioned General Conditions, as well as to use and, where applicable, to contract through the website. With respect to said conditions the User declares that he/she has read them has understood them and has accepted them in their entirety.
The User declares that all the information supplied by him/her while using the Web Site, and especially during the process of Entry Ticket Purchase, is correct, true, full and accurate


The User will be given the entry tickets at the reception desk of the hotel in which he/she will be staying

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