Marina d'Or Mascots

Mascotas Marina d'Or
Mascotas Marina d'Or
Mascotas Marina d'Or
Pulpita Pita
Garfio d'Or
Mascotas Marina d'Or
Mascotas Marina d'Or
Garfio d'Or y Poseidor en la playa verde
Pulpita Pita paseando por la playa verde
Todas nuestras mascotas en la playa.
Pulpita-pita en uno de nuestros desfiles.
Muchos personajes ya artistas nos acompañan en nuestros desfiles.
Pirata Miau. Nuestro gato más travieso y divertido.
Mascotas Marina d'Or en desfile.
Príncipes y princesas de Marina d'Or
Poseidor llegado de las profundidades marinas.

Animación: Mascotas Marina d'Or




Our extensive team of artists and personalities that make up the parade are joined, some nights, by the new Flúor personalities: pirates, whales, fish and jellyfish interact with the public while shining in the darkness...



Loving and warm embraces from our wonderfully sweet Mascot Pulpita-Pita



Dorita has come from the sea, with her nice shell to have a wonderful and fun time in Marina d'Or.


Join in the fun with our entertaining Pirate Cat Miau.


It is here our new mascot, Tito Lorito the pirate more funny.


Our very own mermaid gets to escape every day.


Marina d′Or′s very own Captain Hook has landed in the Holiday Resort.


The Ancient Sea God has chosen Marina d'Or as his favourite place to play and have fun.

Principles and princesses

Three princesses, inspired by the Realms of Heaven, water and flowers, produced so many Princes Balz, all nicely dressed and from different eras.

Enchanted Garden Marina d'Or

Extraordinary as mythological and fauns, fairies, gnomes, elves, and elves will open the door to a world where everything is illusion and magic.

Fluorescent Characters

Characters that will amaze with their fabulous colourful costumes, lighting up our streets as they go

himno marina d'or

Fantasy, fun and joy: all in your favourite song. What great fun at Marina d′Or! .

Colour in our new mascots

Download here outline drawings of our new mascots to colour in..

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