Parade Floats

Espectacular galeón pirata
Personajes en nuestros desfiles de carrozas.
Carroza real, desfile de carrozas. Marina d'Or, vacaciones con niños.
Castillo de príncipes y princesas, desfile de carrozas Marina d'Or.
Carroza del circo en nuestro desfile de carrozas. ¡Ha llegado la magia del circo!
Espectacular carroza "dragón" con miles de luces y humo.
Las mariposas han llegado a Marina d'Or para quedarse.
Desde la perla d'Or nuestros personajes surcarán la noche de Marina d'Or.
Descubre las maravillas del fondo del mar de la mano de nuestros personajes.
Muchos personajes ya artistas nos acompañan en nuestros desfiles.
Llegados del lejano oeste nuestros personajes y mascotas te harán bailar.
Gran desfile de carrozas

Animación: Desfile de Carrozas


A Children's paradise


A parade with fantastic floats decorated with lights, and accompanied by our team of personalities, artists and mascots. A parade full of light and colour for you to enjoy on the streets of Marina d'Or.

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The Magic of the Circus

We have added a new float to our parade dedicated to the magic of the circus featuring fantastic personalities from the world of the circus, the grand lion, the balancing elephant and the clowns. You'll

The parade is free of charge

The stage coach

New in from the Far West, our new float, “The stage coach” brings the world of the wild west to the parade, with cowboys, Indians, sheriffs and gunfighters.

The parade is free of charge

The Pearl d'Or

A spectacular pirate galleon where the "most piraty" of the resort's mascots, will light up Marina d’Or's evenings with thousands upon thousands of changing lights which will delight young and old alike...

The parade is free of charge

Mysteries of the Sea

La incomparable belleza del fondo marino, cobra forma en esta maravillosa carroza. Perlas, caballitos de mar, peces de increíbles colores y miles de luces para acompañar a nuestra mascota Simarina.

The parade is free of charge

The Magic of the Garden

Dragons, fairies and much more! The magical world of Marina d'Or's amazing Enchanted Garden in a street parade where our characters share their dreams with you. Incredible finishes, fantastic personalities and an explosion of light and colour thanks to the thousands of LED lights which illuminate the characters from the Enchanted Garden.

The parade is free of charge

Stage of the Stars

A taste of the fun and emotion of Marina d'Or's amazing new shows, on a wonderful float designed to evoke the world of Broadway...accompanied by sounds of the best Musicals. Incredible. A creative design based on a majestic staircase and details that evoke the best Broadway musicals. Music light, and all the fun of the stage, parading through the streets of the Marina d'Or Holiday Resort

The parade is free of charge

The Dragon

Never was a parade so spectacular! The giant dragon will surprise you with its five heads, its colossal size and its fury, breathing smoke through its mouth. Our giant illuminated mythological dragon has come from the East to entertain and impress young guests with its magic, its light and its grandeur.

The parade is free of charge

The Royal Carriage

A carriage decorated with lighting fit for royalty! This fantastic carriage will transport our princes and princesses through the streets of Marina d'Or.

The parade is free of charge

Colours of the Butterflies

A tribute to the beauty and joy of Nature in its purest and wildest form. An unrivalled float, where thousands of lights and the amazing colours of the butterfly's wings will bring gasps to the watching public... Amongst the wonderful characters from the Enchanted Garden riding the float will be Iris, the Garden's beautiful butterfly.

The parade is free of charge

The Castle of Dreams

Marina d’Or's Princes and Princesses have their own float... shaped like a wonderful castle! Watch Princess Dalia and the Princes of Fire parading through the streets of Marina d'Or on a wonderful creation of light, art and enchantment... a castle, a palace, a dream... thousands of lights dancing to the rhythm of music...

The parade is free of charge

Personalities and Artists

Our extensive team of performers and personalities participates in the parade, dancing and entertaining young and old alike. Different personalities in every parade, such as the new FLUOR personalities.

The parade is free of charge