Nature and landscape


The province of Castellón is blessed with a mild and spring-like climate all year round which means you can enjoy outdoor activities in the sunshine all year round. The Holiday Resort is an ideal starting point for day trips and routes to different areas that will allow you to get to know the great variety of cultural heritage and customs that make up our province.


The area's first settlers painted everyday scenes on these cave walls in Tirig, just 60 kilometres away from Marina d'Or. This is an important example of Levantine rock art which also has its own interactive museum.

The Delta del Ebro

This wetland area, declared a natural park in 1983, is one Europe's most important. Discover it for yourself on a relaxing boat ride while a guide explains its flora and fauna (in season).


A wonderfully scenic natural park just 10 km from Marina d'Or, of historical, cultural and natural interest thanks to its vegetation, spectacular ravines, springs and animal life. The La Bartola information centre is located on the scenic road that accesses the park.


A natural park just 3 kilometres from Marina d'Or. With typical coastal wetland scenery, the park is separated from the sea by gravel and boulders. There is an extensive birdlife and a visitor centre to the north of Torre de la Sal.


This is the highest mountain peak in the whole of the Valencian Community and a must for hikers. You can visit the Hermitage of San Juan as well as the traditional rural heritage: the traditional stone farm buildings.

The Islas Columbretes natural maritime reserve

A Marine reserve in a volcanic archipelago made up of 4 island groups. This superb natural environment, with its sea cliffs and nesting birds, is definitely worth a visit. The park's information centre is in Castellón.

Castellon Planetarium

EThe Planetarium is the ideal place from which to observe astronomical phenomena such as eclipses of the sun or the moon or planetary transits. The planetarium also has an outstanding permanent exhibition and a spherical planetarium projection room

San José Underground River

Visit the longest navigable stretch of underground river in Europe, just a short distance away from Marina d´Or, where you will take an underground boat trip and discover the bat's cave, Diana's lake and much, much more in this natural cave complex

Valencia's Albufera Lake

The Albufera de Valencia is a coastal lagoon on Valencia's Mediterranean coast to the south of Valencia, of outstanding natural importance due to the abundance of endangered species. Guided visit with typical cuisine (groups only)