Thanks to its strategic location, the Marina d′Or Holiday Resort is the ideal starting point for an extensive and varied programme of visits throughout the province to get to know our heritage, folklore and culinary offer. Our province is the second most mountainous in Spain, and is dotted with picturesque towns such as Morella and Villafamés. Traditional arts and crafts have always had a unique role in Castellón, with possibly the best example to be found in Oropesa del Mar, whose old town is also known as ′Antique dealer′s city′.


A typical Mediterranean town that opens to the sea, with a coastline dotted with beautiful coves, long beaches and cliffs. Its old town is of medieval origin with narrow streets, antique shops and the ruins of a Moorish castle, occupied in its day by El Cid.

Oropesa′s architectural heritage

The town has a rich heritage including its old town, its castle, the Museum of Ironworks, the Playing Card Museum and Naturhiscope. Continued attacks by Berber Pirates made this town fearful of maritime invasion, leaving a legacy of watch towers dotting the coast.

The Oropesa Green Trail.

This abandoned rail line just 3 kilometres from Marina d′Or has been re-conditioned for use by walkers and cyclists. Over 6 kilometres long, it runs along a beautiful coastal route, dotted with beautiful coves, cliffs and pine trees, with a spectacular 1000 metre long tunnel.


The capital of the province is just 20 kilometres from Marina d′Or. Castellón is a modern, dynamic city where visitors can visit the Main theatre, the Fadrí bell tower, the central market, the Fine Arts museum... There is a Casino and a Planetarium in Castellón′s fishing port, known as the Grao.


The pearl of the Maestrazgo is encircled by its magical ancient walls, and crowned with an impressive castle at 1,000 metres above sea level. Eating in Morella is like taking a trip back in time to traditional flavours. Discover the richness of its cultural and gastronomical heritage.


Three different routes through the region′s capital city: The City of Arts and Sciences, comprising the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, the Oceanográfico aquarium and the Hemispheric, a guided visit through baroque, gothic and modern Valencia with a state of the art zoo (the Bioparc) or a guided visit to Valencia′s Monuments.


All the different peoples who have passed through Sagunto have left their grain of sand, giving Sagunto one of the most impressive architectural and cultural heritages in the Valencian Community, with the most important buildings being the Roman Circus and the Castle.

SAN JOSÉ caves

Visit the longest navigable stretch of underground river in Europe, just a short distance away from Marina d′Or, where you will take an underground boat trip and discover the bat′s cave, Diana′s lake and much, much more in this natural cave complex.


Onda is 40 kilometres away from Marina d′Or. Onda′s old town is made up of numerous small streets and medieval squares. The day can be completed with a visit to the Ceramic Tile Museum or the Natural History Museum ′El Carmen′.


The town of Sant Mateu is just 50 kilometres from Marina d′Or used to be an extraordinarily important centre and has an impressive monumental legacy open to tourists. You can visit the town's walls, the medieval ovens, the medieval prison, the Palace of Borrull, the Palace of the Marquis of Villores, the Archpriestal Church, Jew's Alley etc...


This town, of Arabic origin, in the inland area of the province, is 80 kilometres from Marina d′Or and offers attractions such as: Los Estrechos (the most beautiful part of the Millars river, where it runs along a 25 metre wide pass between vertical cliff walls), El Chorro, La Cueva Negra and the Bojera Trail, as well as monuments such as the old town and La Alqueria.


These two towns, around one hundred kilometres from Marina d′Or, are separated by only 5 kilometres and share extensive natural and architectural heritage. Visit the Brazal waterfall, 60 metres high, or the Esperanza Mountain Spring in Navajas.