Marina d'Or offers you up to 192 different treatments of health and beauty

Our Aesthetic Beauty Centre offers you a full team of professionals and a selection of treatments and programmes to care for mind and body as never before. In our Aesthetic Beauty Centre you can enjoy facial and body treatments and massages to relax body and mind, novel oriental and hydrothermal therapies and a wide range of health and beauty programmes, as well as a full range of cosmetic and anti-ageing programmes.

Treatment Global age

State of the art anti-ageing treatment, with an epigenetic action, whose formula aims to reach the genetic information in the DNA itself. Acts to treat ageing signs, increasing collagen and elastin production. Consists of a make-up removal mousse, a gentle exfoliation, application with galvanic current of products with a high concentration of active ingredients, a lifting face mask, special wrinkle treatment, refirming massage with a special product and a final product application. Results include a revitalized skin, refirming of the face and increase in cellular energy..

60 minutes 79€

Male cleansing with treatment (Face man)

Deep cleansing with a detoxifying and stress relieving treatment especially designed for men. An initial massage is carried out to the upper back area, the nape of the neck and the scalp to relieve tension. Detoxifying cleansing, gommage descaling , application of steam, extraction of black-heads, detox facial massage, hand and arm massage, application of anti-wrinkle and moisturizing products depending on skin type

90 minutes 87€

Gold and silver homeopathic anti-ageing treatment

Firms, regenerates, illuminates and clears the skin. Prevents and reduces signs of ageing thanks its anti-free radical effect. (Make-up removal, skin diagnostic and chemical peeling, massage with cream of gold and serum with Hyalonuric acid and vitamins C and A, face mask with a homeopathic preparation of snake venom and the application of a face mask of superfine leafs of gold and silver, finished off with a massage using a cream containing particles of gold and silver). The perfect combination of the richness of these minerals and anti-ageing cosmetics

60 minutes 79€

Natural facial cleansing

For both men and women. Relaxing deep cleansing with natural plants and essential oils. (Activation of the senses and relaxation of the mind through the sense of smell. A combination of textures and aromas during the different phases of make-up removal, exfoliation, face mask to open pores, extraction of black-heads, massage, face mask, facial shiatsu massage). Relaxation is induced through a comfortable heat ritual carried out on feet and hands

90 minutes 87€

Luminosity treatment with Vitamin C

Shock treatment with Vitamin C for dull and lifeless skin. Eliminates signs of tiredness, restoring vitality and luminance. Moisturizing and anti-oxidant action: combats free radicals and photoageing (Make up removal, peeling, Vitamin C face mask, vial of Vitamin C, highly concentrated vitamin C cream)

30 minutes 65€

Rejuvenation express (hyalonuric acid)

An express facial treatment with extra moisturizing effect. Indicated for skins with a tendency to ageing and dehydration. Enhances elasticity and recovers a youthful appearance. Face washing and preparation, face masks and face massage.

30 minutes 45€

Express anti-wrinkle

(Electroporation) Facial regeneration with smoothing of expression wrinkles (botox effect). Application of an anti-oxidant product and re-densifier with electromagnetic waves for better penetration and results.

30 minutes 65€

Facial Cleansing with moisturizing treatment

Deep cleansing of the skin, with a full cleansing (make-up removal, hair removal from eyebrows and the lip area, exfoliation, application of steam to extract blackheads and a combination of different facial massages). Moisturizing at a cellular level of the face, neck and bust, with the best in high cosmetics...

90 minutes 87€