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Balneario Marina d'Or


The Marina d'Or Holiday Resort is home to Europe's largest scientific seawater spa. Take advantage of the properties of seawater as a source of beauty, health and well being.

Since ancient times different cultures have been aware of the relaxing, therapeutic and aesthetic qualities of seawater. The Marina d'Or Spa combines this ancient wisdom with state of the art hydrotherapy techniques and other treatments which are exclusive to our Health and Beauty Medical Centre, giving you the chance to enjoy a unique experience.

For fans of ‘mens sana in corpore sano’ we offer an extensive range of possibilities for an exclusive stay. Spa, personalized treatments... Enjoy Europes largest seawater spa with 192 different treatments and 36 different services.



Balneario Marina d'Or


To enjoy the Seawater Spa:
begin your circuit with a shower in the changing area before entering the leisure area of the spa on level 0..

Balneario Marina d'Or


You can begin the circuit around our Seawater Spa in the central pool with sea water at 34º-36º, with neck jets of various intensities, jet beds for relaxation and pleasant waterfalls (10-30 minutes).


Our advice is to continue to the different Jacuzzis located close to the Seawater Spa's central pool
10 minutes in each for relax.
Jets at body, back and legs
Recommended time: (10 - 20 minutes)


Marina d'Or Seawater Spa.
Persons with a propensity for eye irritation and with sensitive skin should exercise moderation.
Recommended time: (10-15 minutes followed by a shower)


Relax in the Jacuzzi next to the pool for around 10 minutes.
You can then cross the bridge of the Marina d'Or Seawater Spa and massage your feet on the sand and pebble walk.


Continue the circuit round the Seawater Spa with a refreshing bath in the Grapefruit bath (10-15 minutes).

Balneario Marina d'Or


Feel the relaxing effect of the air bubbles in our Hot Tubes in our spa
Recommended time: (10 - 15 minutes)


Enter into the Seawater Spa's Ice-Cabin
Cover your body with ice for body toning...

Balneario Marina d'Or


We continue with the contrasts in the Roman baths on the ground floor of the seawater spa, with contrasting high and low temperatures to stimulate the body (10’)


To finish off the Marina d'Or Seawater Spa circuit, enjoy a relaxing moment on the hot marbles.


Enjoy the Spa and properties of marine water as well as the 39 different services on offer in Europe's largest Seawater Spa.



Access to the first floor of the Marina d'Or Seawater Spa is via 2 staircases. Enjoy the Jacuzzis located in this area, around 10 minutes in each, and enjoy the sensation of relaxation and well-being from the different spa jets.


You can visit the different saunas, with varying temperatures to satisfy the tolerance of all of our guests, with a shower advisable after each visit to a sauna for toning, or a visit to the Scottish showers.


A shower is advised before visiting the Scottish showers, where varying temperatures will give you a chance to further the toning and stimulating effect.


Next on the route, the Grand Hamman will eliminate toxins via your sweat, and facilitate the respiratory process.

Balneario Marina d'Or


The Turkish baths also help eliminate toxins through sweating, and facilitates the respiratory process. After the Turkish baths, you can tone up in the pulverized water showers.

Balneario Marina d'Or Balneario Marina d'Or Balneario Marina d'Or


In the outdoor spa area, you′ll be able to enjoy the central swimming pool with cervical jets, swan neck showers and waterfalls in the open air.

You′ll also find more intimate areas with relaxing and resting jets and air bubbles.

If you want to swim and enhance muscle tone, try the counter current routes.On upper floors you′ll enjoy feeling the toning effects of each of the Jacuzzi's jets on the legs, lower back...

Finally, relax in the natural solarium and re-hydrate with a drink in the kiosk-bar.


On the upper floors of the resort Marina d'Or, soundproofed and independent.


Entry Prices - Monday to Sunday
CHILDREN (aged 5 to 12)*30€
Reduced Entry for adultsand children (last 2 hours)27€
Reduced Entry forchildren between 2 to 4 years (last 2 hours)20€

Water in Marina d'Or Spa

Balneario Marina d'Or

Going into Marina d′Or′s Spa is like swimming in the Mediterranean sea, but at an all year round temperature ranging between 30º and 36º. This is achieved by constantly renewing the water captured 500 metres out to sea using an underwater pipe, with the water that covers an area of 2,500 m2 in both the indoor and outdoor areas being renewed totally every 2 hours. Although the captured water is not treated with chemicals, so conserving all the therapeutic and beneficial properties for health associated with sea water, all the bacteria in the water is eliminated using a disinfection system comprising ultraviolet tubes and conventional filters.

Marina d′Or′s scientific seawater spa takes advantage of all the therapeutic properties and the beneficial components of sea water to care for our bodies, both physically, treating vascular, heart and skin conditions and in the treatment of pain etc. and psychologically: treating stress, tiredness and cognitive disorders, principally in the areas of memory and attention, while not forgetting the importance of physical appearance as a factor in good health.

Marina d′Or is an perfect example of sustainable energy use.

Marina d′Or has a Combined Cooling Heat and Power plant (CCHP) which produces all the electric power and thermal energy required by the Hotels, the Spa and the Medical Centre. The plant has a capacity of 3,500 KW of electric power and 6,000 KW of thermal power, covering all the energy needs of our hotels and Spa. The plant produces all the energy required for hot water use and heating and, by incorporating absorption chillers into the process, also produces all the cooling required for air-conditioning our installations (Trigeneration).The plant also supplies the energy required to heat the 800 cubic metres of water sent every hour to the Spa. Thanks to the experience, technical preparation and regular quality controls, our plant has a proven efficiency rate of 80 %, which is one of the highest in Spain. We produce more than 26,500,000 KWh of electricity per year and more than 34,000,000 KWh of thermal energy per year.

Desalination by reverse osmosis

Marina d′Or′s reverse osmosis plant arises from Marina d′Or′s constant desire to ensure water quality and protect underground water resources. The installation uses state of the art membranes and supplies all the drinking water needs of the hotel installations in Marina d′Or′s holiday resort - five hotels, the spa and the medical centre, as well as other ancillary installations. Sea water captured using an underwater pipe is transported to our osmosis plant, where it is filtered, passed through the membranes and receives the usual additives to make it drinkable. The 2,000 cubic meters of water produced per day is in perfect conditions for human consumption, and is distributed through water pipes to the point of use.


(*) For health and safety reasons, and to ensure peace and quiet for other users, access to the Seawater Spa is not allowed for children under the age of 5, and children aged 5 to 12 must be accompanied by and adult. Proof of age will be required (ID card, passport, health card or family book).
Without said proof of age, children may be refused entry.

Entry is not permitted to the seawater spa for under fives (proof of age required for entry into the seawater spa). Children must be accompanied at all times by an adult. Use of the Saunas and Steam baths is hazardous to the health of children aged from 5 to 12.

Animals are prohibited from entering the facilities, notwithstanding the provisions of Law 12/2003 on the use of dogs to assist disabled people.

Those people who suffer from heart or respiratory disorders, who have a serious illness or who have had an operation within the last year, should advise staff upon entry so that our medical team can advise on the treatments most adequate for them. Use of the facilities by users suffering infectious or contagious diseases is strictly forbidden.

The seawater spa is a place designed for rest and relaxation. Please respect the peace and quiet of the installations.

For an adequate use of the seawater spa: no running, pushing, dive-bombing or diving into the pools head first. Please use the stairs to enter and exit the pools, and check depth before entry.

No glass objects, glasses, or diving masks are allowed in the pools or Jacuzzis, ONLY SWIMMING GOGGLES.

Entry in street clothing is forbidden. Use of sandals is forbidden – users must go barefoot and shower before entry.

No food or drinks may be taken into the facilities, and no chewing gum is allowed.

Users less than 1.3 metres in height, or who cannot swim, must wear floaters on their arms.

Breaching these rules, the incorrect use of the facilities, or failure to follow staff instructions, will lead to the user being asked to leave the facilities.

Marina d'Or accepts no responsibility for slips or falls, or any other injury caused by incorrect use of the facilities (please read instruction signs carefully).

Recommendations to make the stay more pleasant for all:

Please use the bathrooms before bathing or using the saunas.

Use of latex socks is advised..

Do not leave valuables or jewels in the lockers. Marina d'Or accepts no responsibility for valuable items kept in lockers.

If you have any doubts, please ask our staff.