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Because we believe sport is health, Marina d'Or offers a wide variety of sporting activities, for all ages, in a risk free environment. Following you’ll find a brief description of just some of the sports activities on offer at the Marina d’Or Holiday Resort. Ask for information about the activities planned for the period of your stay with us (some of them depend on the time of year, the climate, and on operational considerations; for example, some of the water sports in our sailing school). As well as the sporting activities shown here, Marina d'Or also offers facilities where you can enjoy other sports (tennis, padel tennis, squash, mini-golf, multi-sports courts...). Come and enjoy a pleasant, fun-packed... and very healthy stay at Marina d'Or. You couldn’t dream of anything better!


This latest craze has arrived in Marina d'Or! This summer you can practice ZUMBA alongside our titled monitors. Fun, music and dance join forces in this activity that has conquered gymnasiums throughout the world.


We incorporate a new sport to our extensive offer. Compete with your friends in the sports area, and learn something new about this exciting sport.


Gymnastics in the water, to the rhythm of the best music. Move your body, have fun and burn off the calories while enjoying the sunshine with our aquatic-aerobic sessions... don’t forget the sun-cream. Suitable for everyone 1.5 meters tall and above.

Electric Bicycles

Discover the pleasures of a ride on an electric bike, with no need to rush... pedal along gently, and enjoy and discover all the facilities in the Holiday Resort.PRICES

Water polo (Summer)

A fun packed sport in shallow water. Enjoy the sun and the swimming pool – don’t forget your sun cream – and participate in our tournaments... Suitable for everyone 1.50 in height and taller. We look forward to seeing you!

Water volley (Summer)

Come and cool off while playing aquatic volley-ball with us in our mixed tournaments and have a great time shooting the ball into the opposing team’s half – use your hands or head, but don’t pick up the ball!... suitable for everyone 1.50 in height and taller.

Water basket (Summer)

Cool off in the pool while playing water basketball in our tournaments, and have a great time on our swimming pool court! Fun in the water combined with a game of basketball.


Sports-Fun Basketball. For fans of the NBA or ACB, Marina d'Or's sports team organizes tournaments, by category, allowing you to show just how great you are on the basketball court. Suitable for everyone aged 8 and above.

5-a-side football

Futsal, or five-a-side football. Marina d'Or's sports team organizes mixed games by category so everyone has a great time. Join in! The world cup has arrived at the Holiday Resort. Suitable for everyone aged 7 and above.


Enjoy our new courts in the new sports area and participate in the tournaments organized by our animation team


Show your skills in our mini-golf in the sports area. Grab your putter and have a go

Yoga and Pilates

Classes for all ages. Your stay in Marina d'Or is a great time to give these techniques a try.

Table Tennis

Practice a sport suitable for all ages. The tables located in the sports area allow you to discover the emotion of this sport with classes from our monitors.

Beach football (Summer)

And of course you can enjoy the most popular beach game in Marina d'Or. Take part in exciting matches on our marvellous beach.

Spinning (Summer)

Keep fit with our spinning classes in Marina d'Or's sports zone. 4 sessions in summer.

Stand Up Paddle (Summer)

Plough through the waves of the Mediterranean Sea on a paddleboard. Enjoy this sport, suitable for all ages, in Marina d'Or this summer. Our monitors are ready to help initiate you in a sport that you’ll just want to come back to again and again. New for 2014! PRICES

Diving (Summer)

If you fancy something more than a simple stroll, we also offer diving lessons. Sessions in the pool and at sea where you can take the first steps in this exciting sport. PRICES

KiteSuf (Summer)

A board, a kite and some wind, that’s all you’ll need to enjoy this sport to the maximum. Marina d'Or's sailing school has added Kitesurf to the list of courses it offers. Our monitors have extensive experience in this sport, guaranteeing risk free fun. New for 2014! PRICES

Beginners sailing courses (Summer)

Embark on one of our catamarans and learn the basics of sailing. Our monitors won’t disappoint. PRICES

Snorkelling (Summer)

If you want to see the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, our sailing school has all the necessary equipment, and our monitors will accompany you to the best spots to get the best views of the sea bed. PRICES

Windsurf and Sea Kayaks (Summer)

Windsurf. Our sailing school opens its doors for yet another summer season. You’ll find everything you need to go to sea and show everyone what you’re made of – a professional team and the best equipment. Come and ride the waves of the Mediterranean Sea with us! Sea Kayaks: enjoy the fun of canoeing out to sea... it’s not as simple as it seems. Ask in our sailing school this summer for information about this and other sports, and sail out with your friends to compete and enjoy on our shores PRICES

Beach Volley Ball (Summer)

A variety of volleyball played on the beach... dive fearlessly and enjoy a soft landing. Participate in our mixed tournaments on the seafront (don’t forget the sun cream). Suitable for all aged ten and above.

Climbing wall (Summer)

Learn how to climb with us... in a risk free environment. Discover the mountaineer you’ve got hidden inside by climbing our rock wall. Try and beat our record by climbing to the top as fast as possible. Suitable for all adventurers aged seven and above.

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