Events and celebrations at Marina d'Or

Years of experience have made Marina d′Or a flagship company in the congress, events and functions sector. Our installations and spaces have played host to events and functions ranging from large sports competitions to team building events, Tai Chi daybreaks, huge ′paellas′ in the gardens, the filming of TV series, culinary competitions, themed festivals and the prestige given by hosting the Miss Spain and Mister Spain Galas for many consecutive years


From the 12th to the 14th of October, the Spanish Karaoke grand final was held, from which the Spanish entry to the Helsinki Grand Final was chosen. The gala was hosted by Juan Muñoz (Cruz y Raya)

Llunatica Spain 2012

Marina d'Or has played hose to the 12th edition of the custom bike fair Llunatica Spain, with a packed programme for the thousands of bikers who came from all over Spain and Europe. Llunatica Spain is one of the most important winter biker's fairs in all of Europe.

Flagship events

Top brands such as Ferrari, Danone, Repsol, Otis, Fontvella, GameStop, Sony, Cristian Lay, Herbalife, etc... have chosen our installations to guarantee to the success of their event.

Sports Events

We have hosted prestigious events such as the Amaya Valdemoro basketball training camp, the Marina d′Or Cup, the European Air Controllers Cup, Taekwondo open championships, knock-out darts tournaments etc...

Cultural Events

The Orfim Classical Music festival, the National Brass Bands Meeting, religious meetings, Scientific and aesthetic medicine seminars, medical conventions...

Beauty Contests

Miss Spain and Mister Spain, Top Woman and the top 40 ′40 Principales′ are just some of the prestigious events that have positioned Marina d′Or in the epicentre of national beauty competitions.

Prestigious Rallies and Gatherings

Gold-wing, Ferrari, BMW, classic cars, customised motorbikes and Harley Davidson all have one thing in common - they′ve all taken over Marina d′Or′s streets to hold fan gatherings.


Marina d′Or also has a place for weddings or communions, held in a Children′s Paradise!

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