Specialist Aesthetic and Beauty Centre

Marina d’Or offers up to 192 different beauty treatments.

Our Aesthetic Beauty Centre offers a wide range of professionals, treatments and programmes, helping you to look after mind and body as never before. In our Aesthetic Beauty Centre you can enjoy facial and body treatments, massages to relax mind and body, new oriental therapies, hydro-thermal treatments and an extensive range of health and beauty programmes, as well as a complete programme of aesthetic and anti-ageing treatments


Massages for the back, leg, full body massages, face and head massages, anti-stress massages, chocolate massages, foot reflexology massages

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Body Beauty

Moisturizing, skin nutrition, improved circulation in varicose veins, cellulite, depilation, firming , detoxifying treatments with seaweed and re-mineralising mud wraps...

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Water and Healt

Using seawater baths, showers, jets, aerosols and hydrothermal treatments in combination with aromatherapy, we are able to improve ...

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Relax mind and body

Rose Hip oil, citrus, honey, chocolate, roses, myrrh, passion flower rosemary and cypress, all these natural products are applied by the hands

  • Rosemarinus
  • Relaxing passion flower
  • Rose d′Or Programme
  • Regenerating Myrrh
  • Sweet Gold programme
  • Cocoa skin programme
  • Natural Leg relaxation
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Oriental therapies

Anma, shiatsu, Tui na, Thai, Zhu Bianzi, Korean relaxation, Thai foot reflexology. The best, the most exclusive and the most efficient oriental techniques from Japan, China, Korea and Thailand ...

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Other areas and services

Marina d′Or, a world of services at your fingertips, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Dentistry and Oral Surgery, Laboratory.

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The most exclusive

Preventive medical screening and enhanced memory and attention without stress. Exclusive programmes that increase life expectancy and enhance the quality of life


Health and Beauty Programmes

Relax and unwind

The 1 to 6 day programmes : Relax, anti-estress, oriental therapies and The rest cure.

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Tone up and activate

The 1 to 5 day programmes :The Get in Shape programme and the Tone-up programme...

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The 1,2, to 6 day programmes include: Hidratant, Anti cellulite, beauty and slimming and firming .


Health and relaxation

1 to 6 day programmes: Circulation Enhancement Programme, Respiratory Cure, irculation Enhancement Programme, Rheumatology Cure and Fibromyalgia programme.

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Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery

Mesotherapy, fillers (Hyaluronic Acid), lips, expression wrinkles (botox), vitamins, mesoplasty, laser, weight loss, peelings, body implants with Hyaluronic Acid. Nose, eyelids, breasts, abdomen and liposuction/liposculpture. Cosmetic medicine and surgery helps rejuvenate our skin and our general appearance, using techniques that can invasive to a greater or lesser degree depending on the level of correction desired.

Cosmetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine proposes the application of revolutionary new methods for the rejuvenation of the skin. At the Health and Beauty Medical Centre of Marina d'Or, first visit focuses on very specific treatments and goals. All quotes issued by the centre are personalized.

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Cosmetic Apparatus

In support of the aesthetic medicine, we have state-of--the-art equipment that complements medical treatments. LPG or Endermology, Thermotherapy, Pressotherapy, Electrostimulation, Ultrasonics are some examples of the treatments that Marina d'Or puts at your disposal.

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